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Bearcat Special Announcement

Photo courtesy of Northfield Photography
Photo courtesy of Northfield Photography

The PACWEST in conjunction with the Columbia Bible College (CBC) Bearcats have announced that the women’s basketball program will not participate in the second half of the schedule.

Due to circumstances beyond their control the Bearcats do not have enough eligible players to make their team competitive for the remainder of the season.

Athletic Director Mike Teeter says, “Columbia Bible College regrets the need to withdraw our women’s basketball team from competition in the PACWEST for the remainder of the 2018-2019 season. Efforts are already underway to restart our women’s basketball program, recruit new student athletes and prepare for competition for the 2019-2020 season. We appreciate the support of PACWEST as we look to come back next season.”

“The Bearcats women’s basketball team and their entire athletics program are an extremely important piece to the PACWEST,” says PACWEST President Jake McCallum. “This was not an easy decision for their program, but we feel very confident they will return to a competitive level when next season tips off.”

The Bearcats’ men’s basketball team will not experience any interruptions and are preparing to head to the snowy Okanagan this Friday to play the Coyotes. Meanwhile their volleyball teams are preparing to host the VIU Mariners this weekend.