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PACWEST Men's Soccer All-Stars

Photo courtesy of Capilano University
Photo courtesy of Capilano University

The PACWEST is proud to announce the men’s Conference All-Stars following a successful 2017 season.

There are 11 All-Star spots to be awarded and three major awards; the Player of the Year along with Coach and Rookie of the Year.

The second seeded Capilano Blues were handed five awards while the top ranked VIU Mariners received four.

Here are the 2017 PACWEST men’s soccer All-Stars

Player of the Year – Keith Jackson – Capilano Blues

Coach of the Year - Paul Dailly – Capilano Blues

Rookie of the Year – Tomi Fagopngbe – Douglas Royals

PACWEST All-Stars:

1. Keith Jackson - Capilano Blues
2. Nicolas Morello - Capilano Blues
3. Shun Takano – VIU Mariners
4. Jordan Degraaf - VIU Mariners
5. Quinn Dawson - Douglas Royals
6. David Turkstra - VIU Mariners
7. Sam MacDonald – Quest Kermodes
8. Hudson Nelles - Capilano Blues
9. Tetsuya Yoshinaga - Douglas Royals
10. Victor Blasco - VIU Mariners
11. Nawaf Binsaleh – Douglas Royals

The PACWEST will announce the 2017 women’s All-Stars on Thursday.

The PACWEST Championship tournament opens for the men on Saturday morning at 10:00am. For more information click HERE.