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PACWEST Academic Excellence Awards

Photo courtesy of the CBC Bearcats
Photo courtesy of the CBC Bearcats

The PACWEST Academic Excellence Award annually recognizes scholar-athletes in the conference. To be recognized, a student-athlete must have achieved Honours Standing or equivalent at their institution over the course of a set number of months enrolled at their institution. Cumulative GPA will be based on the previous year’s courses along with those completed in the September – December semester and must have taken a minimum of 27 credits. Successful candidates must meet sport specific criteria in order to be awarded with this honour. This award was first introduced in the 1992-93 athletic season.

Camosun Chargers

Stephanie Gailtzine, Women’s Volleyball

Capilano Blues

Ashley dela Cruz Yip, Women’s Basketball
Sherrie Errico, Women’s Basketball
Susan Zdziechowski, Women’s Basketball
Keith Jackson, Men’s Soccer
Brooklynn Doucette, Women’s Soccer
Natalie Leclerc, Women’s Soccer
Jaimi MacCara, Women’s Soccer
Dominika Paige, Women’s Soccer
Cameron Fay, Men’s Volleyball
Mattias Wels-Lopez, Men’s Volleyball
Tracy Ewashkiw, Women’s Volleyball
Trina Ewashkiw, Women’s Volleyball
Tyneille Neufeld, Women’s Volleyball

College of the Rockies Avalanche

Alex Avery, Men’s Volleyball
Matthew Lavery, Men’s Volleyball

Columbia Bible College Bearcats

Sarah Rozendal, Women’s Basketball (pictured)
Alexa Eger, Women’s Volleyball
Jodi Enns, Women’s Volleyball
Janelle Warkentin, Women’s Volleyball

Douglas Royals

Rachel Beauchamp, Women’s Basketball
Simrin Bir, Women’s Basketball
Ellen Fallis, Women’s Basketball
Steven Hayes, Men’s Golf
Travis LeClair, Men’s Golf
Chanelle Collins, Women’s Soccer
Alyssa Lum, Women’s Soccer
Taylor Wettig, Women’s Soccer
Eric Sundmark, Men’s Volleyball
Olivia Cesaretti, Women’s Volleyball

Langara Falcons

Eloise Faehndrich, Women’s Basketball
Jacob Vanderpas, Men’s Golf

Quest Kermodes

Christopher Cook, Men’s Basketball
Kyra Boulding, Women’s Basketball
Anna Cook,Women’s Basketball
Emily Lachenmayer, Women’s Basketball
Sian Nielsen, Women’s Basketball
Aidan Haigh, Men’s Soccer
Ahmed Ibrahim, Men’s Soccer
Samuel MacDonald, Men’s Soccer
Devon Mitchell, Men’s Soccer
Yassin Nayel, Men’s Soccer
Aria Druker, Women’s Soccer
Cailin Gardner, Women’s Soccer
Anya Kazanjian, Women’s Soccer
Rikki Logan, Women’s Soccer
Emily Miller, Women’s Soccer
Camilla Petterson, Women’s Soccer
Sophie Reiner, Women’s Soccer
Katlyn Richardson, Women’s Soccer

UBC Okanagan Heat

Derek Graham, Men’s Golf

UFV Cascades

Nicolas Bruce, Men's Volleyball
Luciano De Gianni, Men's Volleyball
Kimberley Bauder, Women's Volleyball
Kara Williams, Women's Volleyball
Jacob Lucki, Golf
Cole Briggs, Golf

VIU Mariners

Christina Woo, Badminton
Moira Brown, Women’s Soccer
Victoria Brown, Women’s Basketball
Kiara Johnston, Women’s Basketball
Shayce Johnston, Women’s Basketball
Kaitlyn LaFontaine, Women’s Basketball
Avery Snider, Women’s Basketball
Jeff Travis, Men’s Soccer
David Turkstra, Men’s Soccer
Megan Dial, Women’s Soccer
Lexi Fawcett, Women’s Soccer
Chloe Gummer, Women’s Soccer
Harroop Malli, Women’s Soccer
Katie Rodgers, Women’s Soccer
Nicholas Xylinas, Men's Basketball
Jared Parhar, Men’s Volleyball
Kelsey Hutt, Women’s Volleyball
Tova Rae, Women’s Volleyball
Mikayla Wagner, Women’s Volleyball