MVB Provincial Championship Preview

MVB Provincial Championship Preview

The final six men's teams are ready to make a run at Provincial GOLD.  Here is a closer look at the teams that will open the Championship beginning on Thursday.

#1 Camosun Chargers

The defending champion Camosun Chargers started the season winning their first 13 matches setting themselves up to win the regular season for the first time in recent memory. 

PACWEST Record: 20-4
Sets – 67-26
Home – 12-0 , Road – 8-4

Players to Watch:

Savana Walkingbear: The Chargers are incredibly balanced on the offensive side of the ball, but one player that did lead his club was Walkingbear.  He finished with 215 kills and 257 total offensive points.  He also collected 21 service aces.  Defensively he was among the leaders with 119 digs.  He was a two-time Athlete of the Week, winning in Week 3 and Week 12.

Rian Plante: Perhaps the most rounded player on the Chargers, Plante has significant numbers in each PACWEST category.   He has collected 135 kills, three aces and 163 offensive points.  On the defence the Comox native has 146 digs and 25 blocks.

Vitor Macado: The emotional leader on the Chargers he gets his team ready for each match.  This season he finished with 143 digs, 12 blocks, 39 kills and 59 total offensive points.

Longest Conference winning streak – 13 straight matches to open the regular season from October 16 – January 8.

Last FIVE playoff Matches:
2015 – CCAA National Gold Medal Game – Win – 3-2 Limoilou Titans
2015 – CCAA Championship Semi-Final – Win – 3-2 Red Deer Kings
2015 – CCAA Quarterfinals – Win – 3-0 Hollard Hurricanes
2015 – PACWEST Semi-Final – Win 3-1 VIU Mariners
2014 – PACWEST Bronze Medal Game – Loss – 3-2 COTR Avalanche

2015-2016 Record at Columbia Bible College (site of the Provincial championships):
October 30 – 3-0
October 31 – 3-1

#2 Douglas Royals

The Royals are back in the Provincial championships after finishing with a PACWEST silver a year ago.  They are also the hosts of the 2016 CCAA National tournament and would love to enter that tournament as the PACWEST champs.  They are the hottest team in the Conference winning 11 straight to conclude the regular campaign.

PACWEST Record: 20-4
Sets: 64-25
Home – 11-1, Road – 9-3

Players to Watch:

George Thompson:  He played just 40 sets this season but was a threat each time he was on the court.  He finished with 121 kills and 142 total offensive points.  He is also among the leaders for average aces in a set, compiling 14 aces.

Matt Santema: He led the Royals with 172 kills this season and 232 offensive points.  The Coquitlam native also had 21 aces and was a force at the net with 39 blocks.

Carson Heppell: He played just 42 sets during the regular season but was an important piece of the Royals late success.   He finished with 109 kills and 141 offensive points which includes 20 aces.

Longest Conference winning streak – 11straight matches to conclude the regular season from January 16 – February 19.

Last FIVE playoff Matches:
2015 – PACWEST Gold Medal Game – Loss – 3-1 Camosun Chargers
2015 – PACWEST Semi-Final – Win – 3-0 CBC Bearcats
2014 – CCAA National Bronze Semi-Finals – Loss – 3-1 CBC Bearcats
2014 – CCAA National Bronze Quarterfinal – Win – 3-1 St. Thomas University Tommies
2014 – CCAA Quarterfinals – Loss – 3-2 Briercrest College

2015-2016 Record at Columbia Bible College (site of the Provincial championships):
November 27 – 3-0
November 28 – 3-0

#3 VIU Mariners

The Mariners started the season with four straight losses and five of their first six.  They didn’t win their first match until November 6.  Since then however the Mariners have caught fire and are back in the Provincial tournament after winning a bronze last season.

PACWEST Record: 14-10
Sets: 51-36
Home – 8-4 , Road – 6-6

Players to Watch:

Jesse Bazergui: The Mariners leader.  He finished with 281 kills, 39 aces and 357 total offensive points.  He was also terrific on the defensive side making 37 blocks and 212 digs to put him in amongst the Conference leaders.  He was named the Athlete of the Week in Week 6.

Zach Grigg: He along with Bazergui made one of the deadliest 1-2 punch in the PACWEST this season. He finished with 235 kills and 321 total offensive points, while leading the Conference with 68 aces.  He was also in very good defensive position collecting 171 digs.  He was named the Athlete of the Week in Week 10.

Wayne Woydehouski: A blocking machine, playing just 33 sets and tallied 36 blocks. He will be relied upon to control the net for the Mariners during the Provincial tournament.

Longest Conference winning streak – 9 straight matches and lost just three sets during the streak which stretched from November 21 – January 23.

Last FIVE playoff Matches:
2015 – PACWEST Bronze Medal Game – Win 3-0 CBC Bearcats
2015 – PACWEST Semi-Final – Loss – 3-1 Camosun Chargers
2015 – PACWEST Quarterfinals – Win – 3-2 Capilano Blues
2014 – PACWEST Quarterfinals – Loss 3-2 Douglas Royals
2013 – PACWEST Gold Medal Game – Loss – 3-1 Capilano Blues

2015-2016 Record at Columbia Bible College (site of the Provincial championships):
January 8 – 3-0
January 9 – 3-0

#4 UFV Cascades

The Cascades double their win total from a year ago and are heading back to the Provincial Championships.  Last season they were the #5 seed and made an early exit from the tournament.  This year they will match up with the COTR Avalanche for the first time ever in the post season.

PACWEST Record: 14-10
– 9-3, Road 5-7

Players to Watch:

Joel Klenigeltink: The Langley native has been outstanding for the Cascades this season smashing 254 kills and totaling 315 offensive points which includes 27 aces.  He was named the Athlete of the Week in Week 8.

Adam Chaplin: The fifth year senior wants to go out with a bang in 2016 after a wonderful regular season.  He collected 251 kills and 320 total offensive points and finished with the second highest aces total with 54.

Isaish Dahl: He is such an important piece to the Cascades puzzle.   He’s averaging 3.7 digs every set because of his outstanding positioning.  The Langley native will have to be sharp when attackers shoot their hits through and around the blocks.

Longest Conference winning streak – 4 straight matches from January 30 – February 6.  During this time they dropped just two sets.

Last FIVE playoff Matches:
2015 – PACWEST Quarterfinals – Loss – 3-2 – CBC Bearcats
2013 – PACWEST Quarterfinals – Loss – 3-1 – Camosun Chargers
2012 – PACWEST Quarterfinals – Loss – 3-0 – CBC Bearcats
2011 – PACWEST Quarterfinals – Loss – 3-0 – CBC Bearcats
2010 – PACWEST Gold Medal Game – Loss – 3-0 Camosun Chargers

2015-2016 Record at Columbia Bible College (site of the Provincial championships):
October 16 – 3-0
February 18 – 3-0

#5 COTR Avalanche

The Avalanche are back in the Provincial championship after missing out last season.  Their last playoff win was in 2014 when they were the fifth seed as they upset Capilano.  The Avs are hoping for more of the same here in 2016.

PACWEST Record: 9-15
Sets: 38-52
Home – 7-5, Road – 2-10

Players to Watch:

Patrik Toze:  He has been the main threat for the Avalanche this season.  He collected 265 kills, 31 aces and 338 total offensive points.  The Australia native also played solid defence at the net recording 42 blocks in his 89 sets.  He was named the Athlete of the Week in Week 9.

Spencer Janzen: In order for the Avs to advance in the Provincial championship their defence must be on the mark.  Janzen is a key cog leading the Conference with 70 blocks and making any attack from the opposition a challenged one.

Julio Lins: Most of the offence runs through Patrik Toze, but Lins needs to have a solid championship.  He collected 200 kills and 250 offensive points during the regular campaign.  The Avs are hoping he can be a nice compliment to Toze.

Longest Conference winning streak –The Avalanche had a pair of three match winning streaks.  The first was November 6-20 which including a win over the UFV Cascades, a team they will meet in the quarterfinals.  The other three match winning streak was January 8-15.

Last FIVE playoff Matches:
2014 – PACWEST Bronze Medal Game – Win – 3-2 Camosun Chargers
2014 – PACWEST Semi-Final – Loss – 3-0 CBC Bearcats
2014 – PACWEST Quarterfinals – Win – 3-1 Capilano Blues
2013 – PACWEST Quarterfinals – Loss – 3-0 – Capilano Blues
2011 – PACWEST Quarterfinals – Loss – 3-2 VIU Mariners

2015-2016 Record at Columbia Bible College (site of the Provincial championships):
January 28 – 3-1
January 29 – 2-3

#6 Capilano Blues

For the second straight season the Blues are the sixth seed heading into the Provincial Championship and are looking to get out of the first round for the first time since 2013.  They limp into the playoff losing 15 of their last 16 matches.

PACWEST Record: 5-19
Sets: 28-61
Home – 3-9, Road 2-10

Players to Watch:

Brendan Cairns: Despite their non-flattering record the Cairns was the most dangerous offensive threat across the entire Conference.  He finished with a PACWEST high 330 kills and 368 total offensive points.   He also collected 23 aces.  Can he carry his club past a very hungry Mariners’ team in the quarterfinals?

Matthew Graham: Easily the Blues’ best defensive player in the back court with 254 digs during the regular season.  He has very good court awareness and will need to be a factor in the championship tournament.

John De la Cruz: The Blues’ will need to play “large” at the net on the defensive side to give their offence a chance to work. De la Cruz is an important piece to the puzzle with his team leading 42 blocks this season.

Longest Conference winning streak –Two straight matches on October 23-24 after they swept the CBC Bearcats and dropped just one set.

Last SIX playoff Matches:
2015 – PACWEST Quarterfinal – Loss – 3-2 VIU Mariners
2014 – PACWEST Quarterfinal – Loss – 3-1 COTR Avalanche
2013 – CCAA National Bronze Semi-Final – Loss 3-1 SAIT Trojans
2013 – CCAA National Bronze Quarterfinals – Win – 3-2 Cegep de l’Outaouais Griffins
2013 – CCAA National Quarterfinals – Loss – 3-2 Niagara College Knights
2013 – PACWEST Gold Medal  Game – Win – 3-1 VIU Mariners

2015-2016 Record at Columbia Bible College (site of the Provincial championships):
February 12 – 2-3
February 13 – 3-1

**Individual stats do not include the final weekend of the regular season